Safety Culture

It’s not just a catch line, it’s a culture.

safety helements

For Turbine Technology Services (TTS), safety is not a gadget but rather a state of mind. We have our slogan, our signs, and banners, our tailgate meetings, etc., but more notably, we look out for each other.

Our goals are to proactively eliminate and or control the hazards to eliminate the risk or reduce the severity. Veriforce and ISNetworld are fully engaged and help us with compliance issues. We have several proactive safety culture factors that we like to hang our hat on, including:

  • There is visible leadership commitment at all levels of the organization.
  • There is a lack of competing priorities – safety matters most!
  • Opportunities for improvement are identified and resolved before a problem occurs.
  • There is regular, facility-wide communication on health and safety topics.
  • Managers spend an adequate amount of time out on the shop floor or in the field where the people are.
  • Employees feel comfortable reporting safety issues to their supervisors.
  • Safety is viewed as an investment, not a cost.

The big difference that we recognize, all TTS employees are empowered with the necessary resources and authority to find and fix problems as they see them. We sometimes work in dangerous environments with a lot of moving parts, and yes, incidents will happen. But if we spend just a little time caring for each other, we will all go home healthy.