Turbine Technology Services Has been Reacquired

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Five members of the Turbine Technology Services family have reacquired the company from Teleflex, Inc.

The original TTS Company served the gas turbine industry for twenty years until its people and intellectual resources became part of Sermatech Power Solutions in late 2000. The reemergence of TTS includes Vice President of International Sales Pat Begley; Chief Strategic Development Officer George Gramatikas, who founded the original company in 1983; Vice President of Sales Frank Hoegler; Vice President of Turbine Systems Engineering, Ricky Morgan; and President Tony Thornton.

TTS, headquartered in Orlando, Fla., is a full-service engineering firm that specializes in products and services for the heavy duty and aero derivative gas turbine industry. The firm’s comprehensive capabilities allow gas turbine owners and operators, utilities, independent power producers, and private sector enterprises to obtain total turbine services from one source, whether for a single project or as part of a long term solution. As Gramatikas puts it, “We’re turbine integration specialists.”

Having served the power generation industry for more then 20 years, TTS has built its reputation on expertise, innovation, responsiveness and an ability to customize solutions to meet any individual project goals. TTS offers a complete range of engineering services including consulting; project management; plant design, construction, and unit relocations;

The company also offers unrivaled modernization services – including conversions, modifications, and upgrades – that provide customers with practical solutions to the problems of keeping up with ever-progressing technology in the power generation industry. The backbone of these services is the Turbine Management System (TMS) family of system solutions. TMS provides components designed to function individually, or as part of a complete retrofit package. TMS systems improve system performance and reliability, optimize output and efficiency, and reduce operation and maintenance costs. Often the solutions result from the application of our unique knowledge of traditional and emerging technologies to create a simple yet powerful working system.”

TTS offers many additional services to customers seeking to maximize their facility resources. For example, TTS offers comprehensive diagnostic evaluations, testing, and tuning services that generate detailed recommendations for increasing the reliability and availability of parts and systems. TTS’ Remote Support Services allow qualified experts to get online with customer control systems to instantly monitor and analyze operating data, troubleshoot problems, and control plant operation right down to startup and shutdown.

While no other non-OEM company in the industry can match the comprehensive and specialized skill set of TTS, the true hallmark of the company has always been its experts’ hands-on approach to their craft. The new ownership group, boasting more than a century of engineering and field experience between its members, sees their acquisition of TTS as a return to those roots. “We’re excited to once again be an independent service provider giving turbine owners product choices from our vast network of in-house and out sources,” says Hoegler.


George Gramatikas
Chief Strategic Development Officer
Turbine Technology Services
12661 Challenger Parkway
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Orlando, FL 32826
Phone: (407) 701-7225
Email: ggramatikas@turbinetech.com