Turbine Technology Services (TTS) Announces Integrated Range of Turbine Management Systems (TMS) for Control and Operation of Industrial Gas Turbines

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TTS has integrated its scope of gas turbine modernization offerings into a range of products and services to be known as Turbine Management Systems (TMS).  The full range of products covered under the TMS umbrella will include;

  • Controls systems
  • Emissions control (water, steam, DLN)
  • Combustion improvements
  • Monitoring and diagnostics
  • Mobile combustion tuning and plant reliability testing
  • Fuel conversion and delivery systems
  • ElectroFlo control valve
  • Frequency conversion systems

All TMS products are proven solutions based on the experience gained from the many hundreds of gas turbine upgrades performed over the 20-year history of TTS.

TTS, headquartered in Orlando, Fla., is a full-service engineering firm that specializes in products and services for the heavy duty and aero derivative gas turbine industry. TTS offers a complete range of engineering services including; consulting, project management, plant design, construction and unit relocations. The firm’s comprehensive capabilities allow gas turbine owners and operators, utilities, independent power producers, and private sector enterprises to obtain total turbine services from one source.


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