Turbine Technology Services Announces License Agreement with Control Center LLC for Manufacture and Marketing of the TTS ElectroFlo® Control Valve

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TTS has signed a licensing and cooperative agreement with Control Center LLC (CCLLC) for the manufacture and marketing of the TTS ElectroFlo® control valve. Under the agreement, both TTS and CCLLC will market the valve to the turbomachinery market, with all valves being built and tested at the CCLLC facility in Orlando.

Frank Hoegler, TTS Vice President, and Marcus Turner, President CCLLC said jointly: “This alliance aims to further promote our joint offerings for fluid system control for gas turbine improvement projects in the refinery, industrial and power markets.”

Fast and accurate flow control for combustion turbine applications is more accessible with the ElectroFlo® Electronic Control Valve. Developed by TTS, the ElectroFlo® Valve surpasses the response and accuracy of most pneumatic and high-pressure hydraulic systems, while eliminating many of the complications associated with each. With the ElectroFlo® Valve and other suggested modifications, TTS can completely eliminate all hydraulic and pneumatic accessories found on typical gas turbines. The ElectroFlo® value has over 10 million installed hours in applications controlling fluids from natural gas and diesel fuel to steam and water for NOx abatement.

TTS, headquartered in Orlando, Fla., is a full-service engineering firm that specializes in products and services for the heavy duty and aero derivative gas turbine industry. TTS offers a complete range of engineering services including; consulting, project management, plant design, construction and unit relocations. The firm’s comprehensive capabilities allow gas turbine owners and operators, utilities, independent power producers, and private sector enterprises to obtain total turbine services from one source.

CCLLC has over 40 years experience in providing efficient and cost effective solutions in process control for OEM’s, EPC’s and End Users. CCLLC designs and builds fluid, instrument and electrical control systems to their customer’s functional requirements or design documents. The firm’s capabilities enable OEM’s and EPC’s to focus on their competencies in managing much larger scope knowing that the details of the sub-systems are being focused on by CCLLC. Parts, service and modernizations of the auxiliary systems are also supported by the same infrastructure for the aftermarket of the OEM’s and EPC’s.


Frank Hoegler
VP of Sales for the Americas
Turbine Technology Services Corporation
Email: media@turbinetech.com
Phone: 407.677.0813