TTS Converts Multiple Frame 5 Units from Liquid to Dual Fuel Operation

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TTS has successfully completed the commissioning of a Frame 5 gas turbine-generator unit following implementation of a dual fuel conversion and a turbine and generator controls system upgrade for an Independent Power Producer (IPP) in Indonesia.

The project scope included provision of a completely new gas fuel system including new off-base gas skid, manifolds and fuel nozzles, a new purge system and required modifications to the existing liquid fuel system. Gas fuel flow metering was achieved using a TTS ElectroFlo Gas Control Valve. TTS also engineered, procured, assembled and tested the complete TMS-1000 gas turbine controls and generator controls replacement.

Further confirming TTS’ technical capabilities for gas fuel conversions, the company was also recently awarded a contract to convert two Frame 5 units from liquid fuel to dual fuel operation for a utility in West Africa. In this case, the conversion will be applied using an existing GE Speedtronic™ Mark VI gas turbine control system. TTS project scope includes provision of a completely new gas fuel system for each unit including gas valves, manifolds and fuel nozzles, a new purge system and required modification to the existing liquid fuel system. TTS is also undertaking the modifications required to the Speedtronic Mark VI system to allow for dual fuel operation and will be responsible for commissioning the entire system.

According to TTS Vice President, Pat Begley, “TTS’ combustion engineering expertise and ability to provide tailored solutions which fit the customer’s existing unit configuration and budget were key to success on both these projects. Our ability to integrate either OEM or non-OEM gas turbine control systems further enhanced the attractiveness of our offer.”

TTS, headquartered in Orlando, Fla., is a full-service engineering firm that specializes in products and services for the heavy duty and aero derivative gas turbine industry. TTS offers a complete range of engineering services including; consulting, project management, plant design, construction and unit relocations. The firm’s comprehensive capabilities allow gas turbine owners and operators, utilities, independent power producers, and private sector enterprises to obtain total turbine services from one source.

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