TTS Awarded Contract to Engineer the Frequency and Fuels Conversion of Multiple GE Frame 7EA Gas Turbines in the Middle East

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TTS has been awarded a contract to project manage and engineer the relocation of four 84mw Frame 7EA gas turbines from the United States to the Middle East. This groundbreaking project will be the first-ever application of Frame 7EA gas turbine-generators in a 50hz environment.

The project requires extensive modifications to the gas turbines, including the addition of new speed reducing gearboxes, generator changes, and modifications to all auxiliary systems. Furthermore, as a result of the fuel available at site, the units will be modified from DLN-1™gas-only combustion, to dual-fuel standard combustors, with water injection added to meet contract emission requirements.

TTS President, Tony Thornton, notes this project as yet more recognition of the company’s diverse engineering skills. “TTS occupies a very unique position in the gas turbine marketplace. Our ability to provide complete, customized gas turbine project solutions is a major benefit to those many end-users seeking to apply and improve equipment in new operating environments.”

TTS, headquartered in Orlando, Fla., is a full-service engineering firm that specializes in products and services for the heavy duty and aero-derivative gas turbine industry. TTS offers a complete range of engineering services including; consulting, project management, plant design, and construction and unit relocations. The firm’s comprehensive capabilities allow gas turbine owners and operators, utilities, independent power producers, and private sector enterprises to obtain total turbine services from one source.

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