Florida Power Engineering Company Modernizes Fluid Control System Valves with Innovative Solution

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Turbine Technology Services Corporation’s partners with Young & Franklin to enhance its solutions for the power generation industry

(ORLANDO, FL) —Turbine Technology Services Corporation (TTS), a full-service gas turbine engineering services firm based in Orlando, Florida, has established a strategic partnership with Young & Franklin (Y&F), a leading hydraulic and electric fluid control component and systems manufacturer.

The strategic partnership is the result of collaborative efforts in the development of fluid control solutions for power generation companies, which is a core market for TTS who in turn provides gas turbine technology engineering and construction services, as well as turbine installations and modernization projects to help extend the operational lifetime of power generation equipment.

The above photograph is of a Young & Franklin engineered high reliability, recovery, and resolution, Electromechanically Actuated Gas Fuel Control Valve Assembly for use on Industrial Gas Turbine applications.

The above photograph is of a Young & Franklin engineered high reliability, recovery, and resolution, Electromechanically Actuated Gas Fuel Control Valve Assembly for use on Industrial Gas Turbine applications.

Collaboration between TTS and Y&F provides gas turbine owners with cost-effective solutions to common challenges in the areas of pneumatic and hydraulic systems for managing SRV and GCV valves, working closely in the application of Y&F’s line of Electrically Actuated Valves for existing heavy industrial gas turbine units.

A common problem encountered by gas turbine users managing fluid control systems is the obsolescence of its pneumatic and hydraulic systems in an environment where operators’ limited technical expertise in manual tuning is coupled with the mechanical wear of its years in service.

The collaborative solution provided by Y&F involves modern electrically-driven servo motor actuators mounted to newer and more compact fuel control valves; TTS then provides updates in the way PLC based turbine control system meters control the fuel flow to the gas turbine, usually by eliminating the unnecessary pre-control valve pressure regulation which has been a gas turbine standard.

“The solution is completely electric and eliminates the need for hydraulic and pneumatic actuation systems,” says Pat Begley, VP of Sales for the EMEA region at TTS. “This innovative solution greatly simplifies the overall fuel gas system, improving unit reliability and availability.”

The market for the solution is widespread as power plants using hydraulic and pneumatic actuation systems endure challenges related to age and the opportunity of implementing new technologies for enhanced fluid control.

In addition, the simplification of the gas turbine fuel control system allows for a direct approach to turbine fuel control that results in increased reliability and integrity.

The electrical system upgrade is testimony of the excellent relationship between TTS and Y&F, both of which have combined their unique expertise and knowledge to provide power generation customers with a comprehensive solution to their existing gas system challenges.

You can read the complete project brief on TTS’ official blog at www.turbinetech.com/blog/.

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