Successful Completion of Fuel Valve Conversion Project by Turbine Technology Services Corporation and Young & Franklin

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Orlando-based Turbine Tech continues to expand its retrofitting, modernization and upgrading services for gas turbine equipment in the global Oil & Gas industry

(ORLANDO, FL) —Turbine Technology Services Corporation (TTS), a full-service gas turbine engineering firm based in Orlando, Florida, is reporting the successful completion of a gas fuel system valve conversion project for a legacy GE Frame 5001 gas turbine at a Mississippi area power station.

The unit, which was originally installed with a GE Fuel Regulator Control System, supplies power to the grid and process steam via an HRSG. The unit’s fuel regulator controller was removed in the early 2000s and replaced by a more modern digital turbine control system.

That control system upgrade for the GE Frame 5001 gas turbine provided increased turbine control flexibility thanks to its enhanced operational and diagnostic capabilities.

In this unit, the original gas fuel and pressure ratio valves were not upgraded and the associated hydraulic and pneumatic systems were left in their original configuration, which meant that the responsiveness and reliability of the gas system was not significantly improved as a result of the control system upgrade.

Pat Begley – VP of Sales for the EMEA region at Turbine Technology Services Corporation

Pat Begley – VP of Sales for the EMEA region at Turbine Technology Services Corporation

In addition, the retention of the original devices increased maintenance problems due to obsolescence issues and increased difficulty in finding experienced technical support for these systems.

The fuel conversion project undertaken by Young & Franklin and TTS dramatically simplified the entire gas fuel delivery system. The pressure ratio and gas control valves were replaced by a single Y&F electrically actuated gas control valve and the hydraulic stop valve function was replaced by a Y&F electrically actuated isolation valve configuration, thus eliminating the need for the associated hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

The single electrically-actuated control valve is driven via standard electrical signals from the existing digital controls system—a system simplification that has led to a significant improvement in overall system repeatability, reliability and integrity, thus providing improved startup and operational behavior.

This single-valve approach is becoming an industry standard for older heavy industrial gas turbines because of the dual benefits of system simplification and improved reliability with the elimination of existing hydraulic and pneumatic systems and the associated problematic components.

Furthermore, the elimination of valve calibration requirements and the excellent reliability of the electrically actuated valves also significantly reduce maintenance requirements and costs.

TTS has specialized in the upgrade and conversion of power generation equipment and systems, which has earned the company a strong reputation as an aftermarket OEM alternative; and Y&F has been a supplier of high quality valves, actuators and control components to the gas turbine industry for many years.

This collaborative effort between TTS and Y&F has resulted in an extremely successful solution that ensures a reliable service life for the gas turbine’s fuel control systems.

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