Turbine Technology Services Corporation Celebrates 30 Years of Excellence in Global Gas Turbine Engineering

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Orlando-based TTS continues to expand its products and services to power generation facilities in every continent

(ORLANDO, FL) —Turbine Technology Services Corporation (TTS), a full-service gas turbine engineering services firm based in Orlando, Florida is celebrating three decades of growth and success as a leading power engineering firm and is looking forward to continued expansion and development in the power generation industry.

The 30-year anniversary marks a major milestone for TTS, which has experienced exceptional achievement in recent years—from the Americas to Asia—as demand for its innovative products has resulted in a constant stream of inquiries and projects.

Turbine Technology Services Corporation Celebrates 30 Years of Excellence in Global Gas Turbine Engineering

Turbine Technology Services Corporation celebrates 30 years of excellence in global gas turbine engineering.

Since its inception, TTS has been at the forefront of many groundbreaking projects in the gas turbine industry with a long list of achievements, such as being the first company to apply electronic fuel control valves for GE gas turbines.

Other TTS milestones included being the first non-OEM company to provide gas fuel control for DLN gas turbines; the first company to provide plant-wide mobile data monitoring through the use of a headset mobile computer; and the first and only company to design and apply the 60hz Frame 7EA gas turbine in a 50hz electrical system.

In recent years, TTS has been involved in some of the industry’s most challenging projects, successfully implementing solutions ranging from combustion tuning and combustor performance diagnostics for emissions control, to consulting, complete unit relocations and many other power engineering-related services.

Over the years, increased demand for energy has prompted TTS to add new services to help power generation facilities keep up with challenges that range from aging gas turbines to outdated control systems—all critical systems with a direct impact on power plant output and profitability.

Throughout its 30 years of business TTS has provided a wide range of high quality conventional and innovative turbine engineering services across almost the entire gas turbine manufacture and model range.

“Our longevity is testimony of our relevance and contribution to the global power generation industry,” said Tony Thornton, President of TTS. “We continue to grow our reach and expand our services to continue serving our customers with the experience, innovation, knowledge and agility they have come to expect from TTS.”

In 2011 TTS moved into a new 7,500 square-foot office in the Research Park Office Complex, located near the University of Central Florida campus from where the TTS staff of power generation professionals serves the global gas turbine market.

The future looks promising as the TTS engineering group continues to develop its product and service range—and the company looks forward to continuing to serve the needs of many hundreds of gas turbines that the company has already upgraded and improved in the past three decades.

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Turbine Technology Services Corporation provides gas turbine technology expertise and turbine engineering and construction services worldwide. The company’s experience and ability to provide technical solutions has led to the successful management of numerous gas turbine installations and modernization projects, and the provision of innovative and unique engineering solutions to gas turbine customers.

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