Turbine Technology Services Modernizes Holland, Michigan’s Gas Turbine Power Systems

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The city’s turbines now have modern control systems and a new black start system which significantly increases the versatility and value generators.

The Turbine Technology Services team completed another successful project for the City of Holland by providing a turbine control system retrofit in April of 2014.  The city already had a control system from us on an older unit that provided critical demand and peak timing power to the city. This led to an invitation to submit another proposal. TTS modernized two GE MS6001B gas turbines owned and operated by the Holland Board of Public Works, with a TMS-1000 series turbine control system. These upgrades significantly increased versatility and value to the city’s electrical system.

The two control systems we replaced were the original systems supplied with the turbines during the early 1990s and were over 20 years old.  At such an advanced age, these systems had become antiquated and unreliable. Though the city of Holland owns and operates several power plants, these particular generators are critical to the electrical utility grid. They are operated at peak times and in critical demand situations, and the site where the units are located is unmanned, so reliability is crucial.

To solve these issues, we incorporated a black start system to one of the units which will allow it to start automatically in the event of a blackout to the electrical system. Since the units can operate on multiple fuels, they become even more critical to the city’s electrical system. Therefore, a reliable black start and control system further increases their value creating a more efficient and dependable power source for Holland.

In detail, the TTS team provided a TMS-1000 series turbine control system, consisting of a modern programmable automation controller (PAC) system and using Allen Bradley’s ControLogix platform to replace the obsolete original equipment manufacturer (OEM) control system. They also employed generator control systems by Basler Electric and digital generator protection relays by Schweitzer Electric Co.

The completion of this project continues the positive and growing relationship between TTS and the city of Holland. Carl Thorwall, Electric Production Engineer for Holland Board of Public Works, worked closely with us throughout the project. He was satisfied with the project’s success in addition to the overall level of service provided, stating:

“Upgrading from the GE Speedtronic™ MK IV control system to a modern redundant PAC control system has greatly improved our ability to find, troubleshoot and fix issues that come up when minutes matter. The Human Machine Interface (HMI) developed by TTS enhanced the Operator’s ability to see what is happening with the turbine and generator and react as needed. Contractually and logistically TTS has been great to work with, completing the project on time and under budget with ease.”