Add Operational Versatility for Your Gas Turbine with Fuel Flexibility

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Ensure availability to produce power during any situation by adding the capability to burn multiple fuels with Turbine Technology Services.

Gas turbines are one of the leading sources of power generation in the United States, making their ability to produce consistent power crucial at all times. Natural gas is the most popular fuel due to its overall abundance, cost-effectiveness, and environmentally friendly status with modern advanced combustion systems. However, it shouldn’t be the only fuel source.

Unpredictable global political and economic conditions, environmental situations, as well as new discoveries in oil and gas exploration, can skew any forecast on fuel pricing and availability. By adding the capability to burn multiple fuel sources, gas turbine users can be prepared to handle these unexpected changes that arise. Not only can this increase their value in terms of improved versatility, it also ensures their availability to produce power under any circumstances.

The Recent Issues in Fuel Supply

This past winter (2013-14) brought severe weather conditions, with record snowfall, ice storms, and arctic temperatures throughout the country. Gas curtailment was commonplace for gas turbine operators, and these extreme winters have been occurring more frequently in recent years.

One of the largest situations in the US occurred back in February 2011, where an arctic cold front descended on the Southwest and brought temperatures below freezing and sustained wind gusts up to 30 mph. The area hit was extensive, complicating efforts to obtain power and natural gas from neighboring regions. Local distribution companies passed extensive curtailments of service during the event, where they interrupted gas service to more than 50,000 customers in New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas. The surrounding gas production basins decreased production due to low market prices and, according to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, an estimated 14.8 billion cubic feet (BCF) of natural gas production was lost, further complicating the effects of the extreme winter.

The Advantage of Fuel Flexibility

In any situation when natural gas is hard to obtain or costs are high, users that have the operational versatility to burn alternative fuels, such as distillate liquid fuel, are able to continue generating uninterrupted power. These users have an advantage under circumstances when the supply of power is low, such as during gas curtailments, and the price of power rises. The importance of adding another fuel source to gas turbines has proven to be vital in increasing the availability of power.

With over 30 years of experience providing gas turbine technology expertise and delivering successful solutions worldwide, Turbine Technology Services Corporation (TTS) has performed numerous fuel conversions to many different types of gas turbines and can provide the fuel flexibility that most power systems need.

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