Turbine Technology Services Broadens Parts and Services Business, Appointing Pat Begley as VP

Category: Company News, Press Release

We aim to improve parts and services worldwide, focusing on fast growing businesses.

Turbine Technology Services’ (TTS) transactional parts and service business has grown quickly over the last several years and is now an important contributor to our business. This growth has been primarily through support provided to our existing customers, and this success brought about potential for an ongoing expansion of these services to additional customers worldwide. In order to facilitate this increase, the TTS parts and service support functions have now been consolidated into a discrete business group within our company, with Pat Begley leading these efforts.

Previously, VP, International Business Development for Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, Pat Begley has been appointed VP, Parts and Services, to manage and nurture this business initiative. He brings an established network of global partners from his 32 years in both the technical and sales and business sides of the gas turbine industry.

TTS will serve the industry from our Orlando, Florida office as a supplier of quality components and services. We will initially focus on providing quality gas turbine parts to owners of GE heavy industrial gas turbines in both the US and international markets and will seek to grow its capabilities on other unit types going forward. On the services side, TTS will continue to provide its traditional DLN tuning and control system support services on GE unit types and seeks to expand these services to other units and platforms around the world.

Regarding this development for TTS, Pat states, “In expanding its parts and service customer base, TTS will continue to provide the same high quality support and responsiveness that have been key to its success in this area to date. In addition to the direct sales benefit from both parts and services, TTS also expects that the increased contact with our existing, as well as new and potential customers, will be beneficial to both our customers and TTS.”

Our development in parts and services focuses on fast growing businesses with significant potential for growth. With Pat Begley’s leadership, our company will improve the quality and reach of the gas turbine parts and services they provide globally.