Exhibiting Turbine Monitoring System at 2015 7F Users Group Annual Conference

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Turbine Technology Services will showcase their comprehensive products and services at this year’s conference in Denver, Colorado.

(Orlando, Florida) —Turbine Technology Services (TTS), a full-service gas turbine engineering services firm based in Orlando, Florida, will attend the 2015 7F Users Group Annual Conference in Denver, Colorado. The 7F Users Group Annual Conference is of key importance to the power industry, with over 2,000 7F gas turbines currently in operation worldwide in power plants and other facilities. At this conference, TTS will be able to connect with and educate users about how they can maximize the performance and reliability of GE 7F gas turbines.

“TTS has an array of products and services targeted to the GE 7FA market, specifically addressing compliance, reliability and availability for the maturing 7FA fleet,” said Frank Hoegler, VP of Sales for the Americas at TTS. “Since natural gas now accounts for approximately 40 percent of power generation in the United States, the GE 7FA is the workhorse of large combined cycle power generation.”

TTS will host a live demonstration of their Turbine Monitoring System (TMOS) human machine interface system at the conference at booth #22, May 13 at 7:00 pm. The TMOS system features significant improvements in functionality and reliability via installed HMI systems, while facilitating cyber security compliance and reporting.

TTS has been a regular attendee of the 7F Users Group Annual Conference throughout the years, and the company continues to increase its involvement in the event. A captive audience of power plant managers, gas turbine engineers and vendors from the power engineering industry can all benefit from the conference, as it serves as a forum for both energy experts and equipment users.

The 7F Users Group Conference offers TTS an important launchpad for its products and services, giving the company an opportunity to share best practices and specialized knowledge. With industry experience of over 30 years, their expertise is of tremendous benefit to the 7F gas turbine user community.

For more information about TTS, their power generation services and their oil and gas solutions, visit www.turbinetech.com.