CyberSecurity: “The single biggest threat out there is cyber.”

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7F Users Group Conference: CyberSecurity… Options for Gas Turbine Control Systems

Turbine Technology Services (TTS)  is delivering a presentation at the 7F Users Group Annual Conference being held in Orlando, FL, May 9-13 that is focused on the compliance and threat issues that gas turbine control systems face. “In the past, many owners and operators haven’t focused very much on security and staying current with their cyber assets.” Said David Donnaruma, Project Engineer, TTS. “This means that a large portion of the control systems and HMI’s in use today are non-compliant with the standards set by NERC-CIP. And, industry research indicates that as much as 27% of the control systems have advanced Malware, the problem is very real.”

Tony Thornton, President of TTS, added, “CyberSecurity has been a concern for several years, but from a compliance and regulation point of view, it is still very new and rules are sometimes vague and unclear. TTS is focusing on helping customers understand these requirements and on providing solutions such as our TMOS HMI system which support compliance.”

“Homeland Security Recommended Standard Practice: Improve Industrial Control Systems CyberSecurity with Defense-In-Depth Strategies.” Further, they strongly suggest that guardians of every energy company’s CyberSecurity efforts network within the industry or contract specialists to access their systems and exchange information on the latest hacker tricks and most effective defenses. Auditing and then upgrading or replacing vulnerable plant digital operating and hardware systems is the route to achieving NERC compliance and protecting the systems from attack and subsequent potential downtime or damage.

TTS has been a strong supporter and exhibitor (booth #41 on Tuesday, May 10 at this year’s conference) of the 7F User Group conferences for many years. TTS offers a wide array of specialized products and services geared toward the GE “F” class gas turbines including a program of enhancements to improve the operational flexibility of the “F” class gas turbine that allows operators to keep combustion systems and emissions in compliance throughout a wide operating range. TTS can also provide:

  • Parts support for 7F units
  • Maintenance services for the OEM equipment and systems
  • A wide variety of upgrades and modifications to those systems.

7F event organizers have alerted TTS that there is still time to register and attend this conference and leverage the discussions regarding the operation, maintenance, inspection, troubleshooting and repair of the 1,000+ 7FAs in operation today.

TTS Energy Services is the corporate parent for Turbine Technology Services (TTS) and Reciprocating Technology Services (RTS). TTS provides gas turbine technology expertise, turbine engineering and construction services worldwide. The company’s long history and experience providing technical solutions to global power generation entities makes it a leader in its field. TTS has successfully managed numerous gas turbine installations, modernization projects and supplied innovative and unique engineering solutions to vexing problems for gas turbine customers. RTS provides technical and field support for O&G power generation applications using reciprocating engines. Our field service technicians and engineers are seasoned in every aspect of reciprocating equipment, providing reliable services at any location, 24/7. In addition to repairs and diagnostics, the RTS team provides predictive and life-cycle maintenance to ensure maximum performance.