Outage Kits for Convenience and Cost Control

Category: Gas, Turbine

In our outage kits, you pay only for the parts you use.

Consumables are typically 10% of a gas turbine’s maintenance costs. That’s a significant number in the budget in of itself, but greater still are the associated soft and hard costs for placing multiple PO’s to multiple vendors, receiving, identifying and logging hundreds of small parts into inventory, storage costs, stocking excess inventory and inventory holding costs.


Turbine Technology Services (TTS) has a better solution that is convenient and will help operators control costs. We have not re-invented the wheel here, but our TTS OnSite Outage Kits for the GE F6B / F7EA and F7FA Gas Turbines are backed by TTS’ 30+ year history of servicing gas turbines in the power industry… We know gas turbines. And, we know what operators need for outage maintenance.

Our kits are delivered in a single watertight container directly to your site – well in advance of your outage start date. Kits arrive fully stocked, inventoried and all parts bins and locations are clearly marked and labeled. Here is the deal – you pay for only the parts you use.

ttsAlong with the Turbine consumable kits we also support:

  • Auxiliary System parts
  • Fuel Delivery System parts
  • Electrical & Instrumentation System parts

TTS’ multilingual customer support team provides access to high quality, cost effective spare parts to support both planned and forced outages, as well as normal inventory management.

TTS has been in the GT parts business for many years, it is a multi-million-dollar operation.  TTS’ OnSite Outage Consumable Parts & Tools Kits are just part of TTS Onsite. For example, our parts management software, Lodestar, helps optimize and track your Capital parts remaining life and repair/replace requirements based on your specific turbine’s operating conditions.

Visit www.GTConsumableParts.com to contact Dave May, Parts Group Manager, for more information and take advantage of only paying for the parts you use… convenient and proactive cost control.