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TTS Engineers provide expert commissioning services in North Florida to deliver natural gas during critical times to plants and consumers.

Orlando, Florida – 4/28/2021 – TTS Midstream, an Orlando-based Energy Services Company , recently commissioned a new booster compressor station in North Florida. This new station will deliver critical natural gas to plants and consumers in the area.


TTS Crew in front of OEM

Engineers and Technicians from TTS Midstream (L-R): Erica Burt, Lee Molton, Dave Fry, Gabriel Viera (Andrew Younker, Ron Whitaker; not pictured) recently assisted the station engineering and construction teams in commissioning a new booster compressor station in North Florida. The station will deliver natural gas to consumers and power stations in the region.

In addition to commissioning services, TTS Midstream will now assume the Operations and Maintenance duties and will be installing a remote monitoring system which will allow the owner and operators to monitor the plant remotely and maintain integrity during unmanned operations.

The plant consists of two high speed separable reciprocating compressors (approx. 1900 HP ea.) and can operate independently or in parallel. The plant is capable of 20 to 124 MMSCFD of natural gas.

Dave Fry, TTS Midstream Commissioning Manager stated, “The TTS Midstream Team, working under a compressed schedule, utilized out-of-the-box thinking to safely achieve project objectives including startup and commissioning the main compression equipment and plant auxiliaries within the project constraints and regulatory compliance.”

TTS Midstream (a service group of TTS) offers customized integrated solutions for the engineering, commissioning and control systems for pipeline assets (and other Oil and Petrochemical Operators) including turbines, compressors, pumps, etc. With extensive pipeline experience, breadth of service portfolio, and expertise in gas turbines, reciprocating engines, compressors, electrification, automation, and digitalization TTS delivers comprehensive solutions that address the issues and challenges facing North American midstream operators.

Customers interested in their Midstream services are encouraged to reach out to TTS for a full consultation and get the power solutions that they need for operational excellence and efficiency.

For more information about TTS, visit https://www.ttsenergyservices.com/.

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TTS provides engineering and construction expertise, for the energy industry, worldwide. The company’s long history and experience providing technical solutions to global energy entities makes it a leader in its field. TTS has successfully managed numerous power and compressor station modernization projects and supplied innovative and unique engineering solutions to challenging problems for our energy customers. Since 1983, their leadership and engineering teams have provided innovative technologies and engineered high-value solutions to over 450 clients worldwide.