TTS Power Delivers Successful Commissioning and Start-up in Ohio Power Plant

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TTS Power Completes Major Modernization project on Critical Vintage Power Generation Assets

Orlando, Florida – 9-15-21 – TTS Power, an Orlando-based Energy Services Company, recently commissioned a second Gas Turbine Generator Modernization project in Ohio.  The upgrades will enable the plant to deliver critical power to consumers as standby generation during peak load demand, emergencies and transmission line maintenance.

‌Engineers and Technicians from TTS Power (Dave Simmons, Chris Crowell, Andrew Younker, Eliana Herrera, Wyatt Brooks, C.T. Wilson) recently completed and fully commissioned the 2nd of two Westinghouse 191 Gas Turbine Generator Modernization Projects for a public utility in Northwest Ohio. The modernization project consisted of Turbine and Generator control system upgrades, complete gas and liquid fuel system upgrades, and multiple instrumentation upgrade packages. Over the past year, TTS Power designed, built, delivered, installed and commissioned both units successfully and on time.


Control Panel Install
Old System Demo
New Human Machine Interface


At a time when the energy market is evolving, legacy oil and gas-fired units are held in reserve to meet peak demand for a few hours each day on the grid or in emergency situations.  The benefits of retrofitting and modifying these units far outweigh the alternative of “putting them out to pasture” as an unused piece of equipment.  The goal of the Ohio-based power plant was to make their assets flexible, reliable and available for energy output when called upon.  The TTS team worked for over a year to install and implement upgrades and modifications to the existing Westinghouse gas/diesel turbine rated at 15,730 kW.

The scope of the project included the following upgrades:

  • Turbine control system upgrade
  • Excitation and generator protection upgrade
  • On-site project management of electrical and mechanical sub-contractors


Upgrade PS&G Panel
New Speed Pick-Ups
New Fuel Valve


Mechanical Upgrades

  • New gas fuel control valve and instrumentation
  • New liquid fuel control valve and instrumentation
  • Liquid fuel flow divider installation
  • Instrumentation cabinet overhaul – new devices and rewire
  • Turbine speed sensor retrofit – added 5 speed pickups for turbine speed and turbine gear speed

TTS Engineers: Andrew Younker (Front) and Chris Crowell (Back)

TTS’s team of technicians and engineers worked on-site at the power plant to make all of the necessary upgrades and modifications within the project scope and deadline. In response to the job completion, the Power Production Superintendent of the City Utilities Company in Ohio said, “We have thoroughly enjoyed having your team upgrade our Westinghouse generators.  They have accommodated all of our needs and brought a great level of professionalism and customer service that I have not seen from many contractors.  Thanks for everything and I would recommend TTS to any of your future customers.”

TTS Power (a service group of TTS) specializes in innovative and high-value-engineered solutions that help clients maintain, upgrade and enhance existing power generation and gas compression assets.  For over three decades, our technicians and engineers have provided comprehensive gas turbine technology expertise to the global energy market.

Power Engineering Solutions include:

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