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Backing up the grid with Legacy Assets

How the Texas Winter Blackouts are driving the need for gas turbine flexibility and availability

In the wake of the recent Texas Winter blackouts, “winter is coming” takes on a whole new meaning for power generation operators in the ERCOT region. When the power went out across the state in early February, it became clear to Texans, politicians and power generation managers that the Texas energy grid was ill-prepared for inclement weather.

To that end, many questions have arisen about how to back-up the renewable energy sources on the grid as well as provide fast start output from gas turbines and other fossil fuel power generation plants. While not all operators and plants are currently available to provide the much-needed output for the ERCOT region, they can be made available with proven upgrades and modifications to existing assets.

At TTS, we utilize our experience to help operators achieve full value from their existing assets. Our experience is comprehensive and covers all areas of your plant operations. In our latest blog, learn more about how time-tested upgrades and modifications to existing gas fire turbines can generate grid stability and revenue for your plant.

Upgrades and Modifications

In today’s ever-changing energy market, it is critical that your assets are available to run when called upon. Recent events prove how critical our energy infrastructure is, in particular during inclement weather. If the lines are there to transport energy, generators and compressors need to be ready to move it. No asset is obsolete or inefficient during these critical times.

At TTS we drive the Modernization of Gas Turbine assets through a program of Conversions, Modifications and Upgrades. The goal of these modifications is to get more output from an existing gas fired asset. Common high-value upgrades include the following:

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Ways to Take Advantage of High Value Generating Opportunities


The application of these technological advances to the existing installed fleet results in many benefits including:

  • Increased reliability
  • Increased efficiency
  • Extended asset life
  • Meeting OSHA and other industry standards for gas turbine operations
  • Reduced Operating and maintenance costs
  • Access to leading technologies in the gas turbine market
  • Engineering expertise with on-site and remote calibration and installations
  • On-time delivery of components and services

Take Advantage of High-Value Generating Opportunities

Making modifications and upgrades to existing assets is usually simple and the cost-benefit equation generally improves significantly. For those looking to learn more about making your gas turbine assets reliable, available and efficient, reach out for a consultation with our team at TTS.

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