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The Benefits of the Dual-Fuel as a Back-up System for Grid Stability

In mid-February 2021, temperatures dropped in the ERCOT region and so did the power grid. While the demand for natural gas and electricity soared, freezing problems affected production at wind farms as well as natural gas wells. Supply could not come close to meeting demand – the shortfall exceeded 20,000 MW at times. These recent weather events have taught us that it is critical to have your gas turbine back-up fuel system ready to go when called upon.

Oil and gas-fired units are held in reserve to meet peak demand for a few hours each day on the grid. Yet, these back-up facilities are increasingly used to meet daily demand as it continues to increase, especially in the ERCOT region. A dual-fuel gas-fired turbine can be made to run on these fuels with minimal conversions and upgrades. Join us in our latest blog as we discuss the advantages of converting a turbine to a dual-fuel system.


About Dual Fuel

Single-fuel power stations have to foot considerable running and maintenance costs. However, extending this practice to cope with an increased base load is unsustainable, purely from a financial position, and now there is also added pressure to reduce emissions which is increasing the urgency to find an alternative. Research has shown that dual-fuel systems can lower operating costs while complying with emission regulations.


Benefits of a Dual-Fuel System

Although dual-fuel presents challenges, the demand for these back-up systems is on the rise. Dual-fuel systems present many operational benefits:

  • Reduced fuel cost
  • A more immediate solution that building a nuclear installation or a new conventional power station
  • Greater adherence to EPA standards and emissions regulations
  • Lowered maintenance costs
  • Generator availability / grid stability
  • Greater output
  • Small upgrades for increased revenue
  • Increased flexibility


What we offer

Liquid fuel systems (primary or back up) can be costly and troublesome to maintain and operate. For decades TTS has been offering support to its clients to help improve the operation and maintenance of these systems, both as single fuel and dual fuel configurations.

  • Electronic valve upgrades
  • Purge system upgrades
  • Check valve and distributor valve upgrades
  • Flow divider upgrades
  • Operational changes
  • Atomizing air system upgrades

If you are being asked to consider installing a back-up fuel system, TTS has completed numerous dual fuel conversions on many types of gas turbines throughout the world.

  • Dual fuel diffusion combustion systems
  • Dual fuel pre-mix combustion systems
  • On engine components and systems
  • Off engine components and systems
  • Water or steam injection for NOx abatement


Learn more about our Fuel Systems Conversions Services

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Our team of engineering experts is ready to assist you with your fuel-systems modifications project. If you are looking for a quote on the cost-benefit of a dual-fuel system for your gas-fired turbine, contact our team at 407.677.0813.