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‌TTS Midstream Commissioning and O&M Services

TTS Engineers provide expert commissioning services in North Florida to deliver natural gas during critical times to plants and consumers.

Orlando, Florida – 4/28/2021 – TTS Midstream, an Orlando-based Energy Services Company , recently commissioned a new booster compressor station in North Florida. This new station will deliver critical natural gas to plants and consumers in the area.


TTS Crew in front of OEM

Engineers and Technicians from TTS Midstream (L-R): Erica Burt, Lee Molton, Dave Fry, Gabriel Viera (Andrew Younker, Ron Whitaker; not pictured) recently assisted the station engineering and construction teams in commissioning a new booster compressor station in North Florida. The station will deliver natural gas to consumers and power stations in the region.

In addition to commissioning services, TTS Midstream will now assume the Operations and Maintenance duties and will be installing a remote monitoring system which will allow the owner and operators to monitor the plant remotely and maintain integrity during unmanned operations.

The plant consists of two high speed separable reciprocating compressors (approx. 1900 HP ea.) and can operate independently or in parallel. The plant is capable of 20 to 124 MMSCFD of natural gas.

Dave Fry, TTS Midstream Commissioning Manager stated, “The TTS Midstream Team, working under a compressed schedule, utilized out-of-the-box thinking to safely achieve project objectives including startup and commissioning the main compression equipment and plant auxiliaries within the project constraints and regulatory compliance.”

TTS Midstream (a service group of TTS) offers customized integrated solutions for the engineering, commissioning and control systems for pipeline assets (and other Oil and Petrochemical Operators) including turbines, compressors, pumps, etc. With extensive pipeline experience, breadth of service portfolio, and expertise in gas turbines, reciprocating engines, compressors, electrification, automation, and digitalization TTS delivers comprehensive solutions that address the issues and challenges facing North American midstream operators.

Customers interested in their Midstream services are encouraged to reach out to TTS for a full consultation and get the power solutions that they need for operational excellence and efficiency.

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About TTS Energy Services

TTS provides engineering and construction expertise, for the energy industry, worldwide. The company’s long history and experience providing technical solutions to global energy entities makes it a leader in its field. TTS has successfully managed numerous power and compressor station modernization projects and supplied innovative and unique engineering solutions to challenging problems for our energy customers. Since 1983, their leadership and engineering teams have provided innovative technologies and engineered high-value solutions to over 450 clients worldwide.

TTS helps commission two Texas compressor stations

On-Time Commissioning Helps Plant Meet Growing Energy Demands in Mexico


TTS was asked to provide equipment and services for a major gas company in the process of building two large compressor stations near the Texas-Mexico border.  The projects were unique due to the amount of horsepower being installed. The end user of the gas being pumped through the line was the Mexico utility.  TTS completed the project on time and helped the client commission the plants ahead of schedule.

A Quarter Million HP to Manage & Control at the TX-MX Border

In 2016, a Texas pipeline company received a 168 mile (270 km) intrastate gas pipeline project from Mexico’s state-owned utility serving 37 million customers. Through the project, natural gas transportation services, set for operation in 2018, would help meet Mexico’s growing electric generation needs.

The planned facilities included 168 miles (270 km) of intrastate pipeline; a nearly 170,000 hp (126,769 kW) compressor station located outside of Corpus Christi, Texas; and a nearly 100,000 hp (74,570 kW) compressor station located outside of Brownsville, Texas.

With that scope in mind, TTS received a contract for building and commissioning the pipeline station’s control and emergency shutdown panels.

Pipeline from Texas-Mexico Border
Pipeline from Texas-Mexico Border

TTS Services and Solutions

For the last 35 years, TTS has been serving the power and energy industry with innovative and reliable engineering expertise.  The company has managed gas turbine installations, modernization projects and high-value engineering solutions for clients across the globe.

For the pipeline project, the team at TTS combined automation and controls experience and gas compressor station design expertise to achieve lower overall plant operating costs, increase flexibility and availability while reducing risk.  The scope of the project included the following control panel and automation upgrades and field services from TTS:

  • Network Topology: The SCPs and ESDs utilized the Ethernet-based Device Level Ring architecture for the processor I/O connections. This architecture, a combination of copper and fiber, is based on the Converged Plant wide Ethernet (CPwE) with Device Level Ring (DLR) architecture specified by Rockwell Automation. Each panel has two 1783-ETAP1F embedded switches for the Device Level Ring (DLR) over fiber between the panels. The SCP master panel has two Stratix 5700 managed Ethernet switches.
  • Power Supplies: Power supplies were configured in an N+1 configuration utilizing a redundancy module on the output of the power supplies. The first redundant power supply is fed from the 120VAC utility power and power supply fed from the 120VAC utility power and the second is fed from the UPS-supplied 120VAC inverter panel. Each power supply is sized to operate on its own with a 30% margin for the panel 24VDC devices and field I/O.
  • Inputs and Outputs (I/O): I/O modules were allocated to provide at least 20% spare. Each digital output was wired to a 24VDC interposing relay. Each digital input was wired to a 3-level terminal block with fuse and ground terminal. Each analog input card was wired for single-ended current input, and each input wired to a 3-level terminal block with fuse and ground terminal. Each analog output card was wired for current output and a 3-level terminal block with a ground terminal. Wiring from I/O cards utilizes Allen-Bradley factory cables with pre-wired card fronts.
  • Enclosures: Control panels for the SCP and ESP panels are NEMA Type 12 enclosures with top entry. Outdoor remote I/O panels were specified as NEMA type 4X and configured for bottom entry.
  • Chassis Configuration: Each chassis was sized for at least 10% spare card allocation.
  • Software: TTS provided programming based on the provided documentation, such as P&ID diagrams, cause and effect matrices, system descriptions and control philosophies. The software version of Studio5000 was specified by the operator and compatible with ControlLogix redundancy firmware. The software program is open and configurable by the pipeline company. TTS provided one copy of Logix Designer software, 9324-RLD700NXENM (Studio5000 Professional).

A Trusted Resource for On-time Execution

With the help of TTS, the plant in Mexico was able to commission services on-time and ahead of schedule.  The upgrades brought greater stability and reliability to the gas transportation pipeline.  Thus, the plant could begin to respond to the rising demand for energy in Mexico while providing revenue to the plant.

“TTS engineers and technicians logged over 15,000 man-hours in engineering, programming, fabrication, installation and commissioning to get this project completed for the customer,” said Dave Simmons, TTS’ director of engineering.

For more information on this project, read the full article from Compressor Tech 2 here.

Today’s Midstream Market Tactic: Deferring Capital Expenditures

Recent downturns arise reduced costs and complexity among midstream operators

In March of 2014 prior to falling oil and gas prices, analysts’ modest scenario assumed long-term North American natural gas prices will average $6.00/MMBtu and oil $100.00/bbl. Midstream infrastructure investment was forecast to need close to $641 billion over the next 22 years just to keep pace with booming energy production.

For midstream companies, capital expenditure as a percentage of enterprise value increased from 15% between 2004 and 2007 to about 75% for projects forecast between 2013 and 2015.

Dealing with the Pressures

To fund this expansion, the number of master limited partnerships (MLPs) exploded with market capitalization increasing from $60 billion in 2005 to more than $350 billion by 2014. Supercycle, midstream companies sprinted to keep up with the shale gas and tight oil supply shocks and alleviate bottlenecks.

However, the dramatic fall in oil and gas prices beginning in the summer of 2014 shook the situation. Midstream companies continued to invest in their capital expenditure commitments through 2015—the peak of investment—and in 2016, capital expenditure slowed drastically. As midstream companies continue reducing their capital plans in 2017, equity valuations will receive more downward pressure.

Experience in other oil and gas sectors show that downturns create extraordinary threats and opportunities, often leading to waves of M&A activity. Given these circumstances, midstream companies are mandated to continue reducing costs and complexity.

Adjusting the Sails for Success

During the boom, speed was essential; today, cost is king. In an effort to reduce costs, most companies initially focus on simplifying administration costs and inventory management. Many operators are refurbishing and upgrading equipment to extend their life and defer capital expenditures.

The most prominent assets are the hundreds of engines and rotating equipment in the field. Many units haven’t been run in years and most are out of compliance. But for a relatively small investment, these units can be upgraded and put back into operation.

This is where TTS Energy Services can help. Our decades of experience paired with innovative technologies dealing with fuel management, controls and the new emissions compliance regulations allow us to optimize your units and bring them back online.

Read more about the first-ever application of GE Frame 7EA gas turbines to a 50Hz electrical system was accomplished through TTS Energy Services’ commissioning services here.