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Modernization, Reliability and Availability Programs for the FT4/GG4 Fleet

For decades TTS and WWT (Worldwide Turbines) have been offering products and services to gas turbine operators globally.  Now, more than ever, in this changing energy environment, a reliable and flexible asset is paramount.  Together TTS and WWT offer a complete list of programs which can make your unit reliable, flexible and completely independent from the OEM.

Upgrades and Modifications

  • Complete Overhaul / Hot Section of GG4A&C Type Gas Generator and Free Turbine
  • Engine test cell
  • Full engine accessory repairs
  • Field Services (mechanical, controls) / Maintenance Contracts
  • Parts support
  • Engine Exchange program / Engine sales and leasing
  • Fuel Nozzle and Manifold overhaul and repair
  • Control System upgrades / modifications
  • Fuel system conversions (Gas fuel, Liquid Fuel, Dual Fuel)
  • Electronic Fuel Valve(s) Upgrades
  • Emissions Abatement Programs (Water Injection / SCR)
  • Instrumentation and Auxiliary system upgrades and modifications
  • Remote Support and Remote Monitoring


Gas Turbine Technology is in a constant state of development and modernization with new materials, components, control techniques and protection systems being continually updated. The application of these technological advances to the existing installed fleet results in many benefits including:

  • Increased reliability
  • Increased efficiency
  • Extended asset life
  • Meeting OSHA and other industry standards for gas turbine operations
  • Reduced Operating and maintenance costs
  • Access to leading technologies in the gas turbine market
  • Engineering expertise with on-site and remote calibration and installations
  • On-time delivery of components and services

Expert, Innovative, Energy Savvy

The demand for energy is not going away any time soon, and gas turbines are a stable, viable source of consistent energy output.  Market factors that are driving the need for gas turbine efficiency and reliability include:  available retired units, low-cost fuel in international markets, and the need for fast-start gas turbines.

Making modifications and upgrades to existing assets is usually simple and the cost-benefit equation generally improves significantly.  For those looking to learn more about making your gas turbine reliable, available and efficient, reach out for a consultation with the teams at TTS and Worldwide Turbines.

About Worldwide Turbines

As an independent gas turbine service company, Worldwide Turbines keeps customers operational.  Nothing is more important that staying online.  They offer customers resources from single component parts to entire engine sections for customers in the gas turbine sector.  Their ingenuity, expertise and agile customer service provide comprehensive assistance to meet the demands and time tables of their customers.

About TTS Power

Since 1983, TTS has provided the power generation industry with quality, cost-effective alternatives to all of the major OEMs, from General Electric to Westinghouse. With over 400 clients worldwide, they have a reputation for integrity and turbine engineering expertise.  They offer innovative control solutions, modernization and upgrade services to the mature gas turbine market.