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TTS Remote Support for Combustion Tuning and Troubleshooting

During the COVID-19 lockdown orders, retail sales of electricity to the residential sector were about 9 percent higher than the typical heating and cooling demand. While everyone was at home, electric companies and energy generation facilities had to stay available and ready to respond to the increased demand from U.S. households. In order to keep operations running while considering the health and safety of their employees, many gas-fired turbine power plants opted for remote monitoring and troubleshooting options.

As a leader in innovation, TTS has been offering remote monitoring and support for over 30 years. In 1988, we were the first company to apply remote access systems to support and troubleshoot gas turbine operational failures. In these times of remote work, we want to offer our technical assistance and expertise to our customers through our Remote Tuning System. The TTS Remote Tuning System offers a secure, simple and adaptable remote monitoring system that will provide a high level of remote support to a customer without the need for an engineer or operator to be present on site.


The system components enhance administrative flexibility while maintaining a high level of security.

check mark icon   Remote Connectivity Over A Cellular 4G LTE Network

This network operates independent of the client’s network, so secure network barriers are maintained. Alternatively, connectivity can be established by connecting the equipment to a secure network where specific ports are opened to allow remote connectivity.

check mark icon   No Software To Install

The system does not install additional software onto a client’s computers. This design eliminates impact on the client’s computer systems and removes software compatibility issues.

check mark icon   Customizable

Remote Monitoring is highly customizable to fit NERC security requirements.

check mark icon   Pre-Configured Hardware by TTS

Once the system is connected, the 4G LTE router will establish a connection and provide a path for TTS personnel to connect via secure VPN. Via this VPN, TTS will have access to the connected equipment – this can be any combination of two Wi-Fi Webcams, or one KVM-Over IP [Keyboard, Video, Mouse].

Two Configuration Options for DLN Combustion Systems

The equipment described above has two configuration options for remote tuning of DLN combustion systems.

1) Utilize the KVM-Over-IP

2) No KVM-Over-IP

check mark icon The remote tuner can connect to the HMI computer to monitor turbine operation and make remote tuning adjustments in real time.

check mark icon The Wi-Fi Webcams can be directed at the CEMS display screen and/or at a stand-alone CDMS display screen (if present).

check mark icon This configuration provides the tuner with all required functionality and data monitoring to remotely tune a DLN system.

check mark icon The Wi-Fi Webcams can be directed at the HMI display and at the CEMS or CDMS display.

check mark icon The Webcams provide the tuner with real-time data monitoring capability required for tuning a DLN system.

check mark icon The customer would need to provide a person on-site, who would be in communication with the tuner via phone, to make the control system adjustments required for tuning, as directed by the tuner.


How It Works

TTS Remote Turning Infographic

If remote tuning is being conducted, once the connection is made and tested, the remote tuner and the operator can conduct the proper dynamics checks on the combustion chamber. The Operator can also perform any changes to the fuel scheduling necessary to optimize the efficiency of the combustion system while being observed, in real time, by the Combustion Tuner.

If system troubleshooting is being performed, the connection is established, and the Operator and Remote Technician can begin the troubleshooting process. As in the above, any adjustments and reactions can be directed and monitored by remote experts, in real time.



With TTS Remote Tuning, troubleshooting is secure, simple and innovative. The system can perform machine oversight, detect trends and issues and provide support. The benefits of this system will save time and money, while increasing efficiency. Here are a few more benefits:

  • Instant Response
  • No travel time or delay associated with a site engineer visit
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Lower the rise of crises and machinery downtime
  • Machine efficiency
  • Lower operating expenses
  • Extended intervals between outages
  • Fewer forced outages
  • Reduced repair time


How Can We Help You?

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