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Turbine Technology Services Corporation (TTS) Forms Professional Consulting Design

In response to the changing needs and economic demands facing all businesses in the power generation industry, TTS has announced the creation of a division solely focused on professional consulting services. This division will provide high-quality consulting services to organizations as diverse as legal firms, insurance corporations, developers, IPPs, regulated utilities, financial institutions, and any other corporations seeking to derive higher value from their involvement in the power industry. … [Read More]

Turbine Technology Services Announces License Agreement with Control Center LLC for Manufacture and Marketing of the TTS ElectroFlo® Control Valve

TTS has signed a licensing and cooperative agreement with Control Center LLC (CCLLC) for the manufacture and marketing of the TTS ElectroFlo® control valve. Under the agreement, both TTS and CCLLC will market the valve to the turbomachinery market, with all valves being built and tested at the CCLLC facility in Orlando. … [Read More]

TTS Leading Edge Combustion Services Recognized by Turbine Users Group

TTS has been awarded a contract by the Combustion Turbine and Combined Cycle Users Organization (CTC2) to provide comprehensive turbine and combustion reliability procedures to their member organizations and power plants. These procedures will allow turbine users to correctly tune the combustion systems of their advanced class GE-designed gas turbine generators. … [Read More]

Turbine Technology Services Announces License Agreement with Global Energy Technologies Limited (GETL)

Turbine Technology Services (TTS) is pleased to announce that Global Energy Technologies Limited (GETL) of Dubai, UAE, has been  appointed as the authorized licensee for the assembly and manufacture of TTS control systems in the Gulf Region. Under the agreement, GETL will be provided with the necessary engineering to allow assembly, test and installation of the full range of controls upgrade offerings developed by TTS over the past twenty years. … [Read More]

Turbine Technology Services Has been Reacquired

Five members of the Turbine Technology Services family have reacquired the company from Teleflex, Inc.

The original TTS Company served the gas turbine industry for twenty years until its people and intellectual resources became part of Sermatech Power Solutions in late 2000. The reemergence of TTS includes Vice President of International Sales Pat Begley; Chief Strategic Development Officer George Gramatikas, who founded the original company in 1983; Vice President of Sales Frank Hoegler; Vice President of Turbine Systems Engineering, Ricky Morgan; and President Tony Thornton. … [Read More]