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One Platform, One Solution

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TTS’ Balance of Plant (BOP) control system solution is a programmable plant control system for new applications or as a replacement for an existing plant controller such as a distributed control system (DCS). Our BOP control system puts the controller, I/O platforms and communications on a common bus sharing all the plant’s parameters. Typical systems include:

  • Auto-Balance Controls
  • Control Rooms/Buildings
  • De-Mineralized Water Treatment
  • Digital/Analog Controls
  • Fuel Forwarding & Cooling/Treatment
  • Gas Fuel Compression
  • Liquid Fuel Treatment/Forwarding/Storage
  • Motor Drive Cabinets & Motor Controls
  • Plant Cooling Water Systems
  • Plant Instrument Air
  • PLC Control
  • Pump Controls
  • Switchgear Interface
  • VFD Controls

Clients see our work as a pragmatic approach to operational excellence - lowering operational risk. The full suite of benefits includes:

  • Faster commissioning though dedicated control solutions
  • Reduced training costs and improved operator productivity
  • Heightened operator awareness of the plant’s overall operations
  • Improved decision making
  • Reduced programming, system checkout and start-up hours
  • Better root cause analysis, diagnostics and overall operational analytics
  • Reduced project risks and integration cost
  • Shorten maintenance outages
  • Reduced productivity losses with more accurate diagnostics

Lower operating costs, increase
flexibility, and reduce risk

Green Fields

To meet the forecasted demand for between 27,000 to 45,000 miles of transmission and distribution pipelines that will be added by 2035, new-build infrastructure will need to be on a much faster development track.

TTS Midstream combines our controls experience on all OEM control systems and operating profiles with our gas turbine operations and rotating equipment expertise to deliver an open architecture / non-proprietary solution. Clients lower their overall plant operating costs, increased flexibility and availability while reducing risk.

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Controlling 265,000 HP Requires Thousands of Miles of Wire

The planned facilities include: 168 miles of intrastate pipeline, a compressor station located near Agua Dulce, TX with a total of 168,980 HP and a compressor station located near Brownsville, TX with a total horsepower of 96,560 HP. That’s over a quarter million HP that needs to be managed and controlled. TTS was awarded the building and commissioning of the pipeline station control panels (SCP) and Emergency Shutdown Panels (ESD) for both facilities.

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