Component Life
& Outage Tracking

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Ideal for fleets and operators with multiple gas turbines no matter the model or maker.

Predictive Maintenance Software Designed for Component Life & Outage Tracking of Gas Turbines Parts

Lodestar automates the capture and presentation of historical data and calculation of remaining critical parts life into a user friendly interface. This allows users to:

Lodestar provides service and maintenance managers, procurement managers, site personnel and fleet owners a very clear picture of what parts are driving upcoming outage decisions and the full range of parts repair/replace options currently available within the fleet.

The Lodestar scenario builder tool allows users to simulate different unit operating scenarios to predict the impact on parts life and to optimize outage planning decisions.

Where is the overall value generated?

Based on industry experience for the adoption of technologies similar to Lodestar in industrial applications, the following table is a summary that describes the potential for soft and hard dollar values that can be realized by the operator.

Legend: graph pointing up icon Make Money graph pointing down icon Save Money

Up to 50% reduction in maintenance overtime labor & contractor costs graph pointing down icon
20% increase in labor productivity graph pointing down icon
5% reduction in new equipment/parts costs graph pointing down icon
20% reduction in Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) material costs graph pointing down icon
30% reduction in MRO inventory levels (managing parts between units) graph pointing up icon
20% reduction in maintenance downtime (increased uptime/availability) graph pointing down icon

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Lodestar Capabilities and Benefits

Capability Benefit
1. Capital component operational and maintenance information is stored in a dynamic, centralized, organized database – no more static spreadsheets.
graph pointing down icon
  • Increased Information Quality and Availability Reduces Cost Contingency Allocations
2. Data and tools can be accessed from any device connected to Web. Information available to all critical team members.
graph pointing down icon
  • Better Communication Reduces Waste and Associated Costs
3. Schedule outages based on remaining life cycles/hours of components/parts. Run and save different operational scenarios to measure impact on parts and outages.
graph pointing up icon
  • Optimize Operation
  • Optimize Outage Schedules
4. Dashboard for overall view of turbine’s capital parts life expectancy, etc.
graph pointing down icon
  • Better Parts Repair/Replace Planning
5. Automated alerts of upcoming service requirements and identification of the components driving the outage/inspection.
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  • Reduced Failure Risk
  • Improved Strategic Planning
6. Track Service Bulletins (TILs) & Service Information Letters (SILs).
graph pointing down icon
  • Improve Planning, Reduce Costs
7. Track service history, shop visits, component repair reports, etc.
graph pointing down icon
  • Increased Quality
  • Reduced Waste
  • Better Documentation and Reporting
8. Vendors/Contractors can be given access to system, creating a parts and maintenance ecosystem.
graph pointing down icon
  • Just in Time Inventory Control
graph pointing up icon
  • Optimize Operation
9. Comprehensive reporting including parts lists for upcoming events, budgeting and inventory.
graph pointing down icon
  • Enterprise Planning and Cost Control
  • Efficiencies in Parts Management
10. Connections to external systems such SAP and PI
graph pointing down icon
  • Improve Planning and Cost Control