Industrial Control Panels

There is a lot going on behind that "On" button.


Watch a time-lapse video of a control panel being built:

Once you hit the “On” button, electrical signals fire and a multitude of actions take place behind the control panel doors.

Design, Manufacture, Install and Service Control Panels

No matter if your operation needs a control room for a specific application or your facility needs to upgrade its control panels, TTS’ understanding of power and compressor operations provides a distinct advantage in assisting you in either upgrading your control systems or building them from the ground up. We offer a wide assortment of solutions including:

  • PLC Controls
  • Motor Drive Cabinets
  • VFD Controls
  • Pump Controls
  • Motor Controls
  • Operator Stations
  • Analog Controls
  • Control Rooms/Buildings

Case Study

A Texas pipeline company was recently awarded a 168-mile intrastate gas pipeline project by the Comisión Federal de Electricidad (CFE)—Mexico’s state-owned utility serving 37 million customers—to provide natural gas transportation services beginning in 2018 to meet Mexico’s growing electric generation needs.

The planned facilities include: 168 miles of intrastate pipeline, a compressor station located near Agua Dulce, TX with a total of 168,980 HP and a compressor station located near Brownsville, TX with a total horsepower of 96.560 HP.

That’s over a quarter million HP that needs to be managed and controlled. TTS was awarded the building and commissioning of the pipeline station control panels (SCP) and Emergency Shutdown Panels (ESD) for both facilities. Click here to read more.

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