Auxiliary Systems Conversions


CASE STUDY: Delivering Atomized Air to Eliminate the Smoke
Compliance issues resolved
The oldest GE Frame 5 gas turbine on the plant still operated using the original mechanically atomized liquid fuel system.
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For older gas turbines, many of the original auxiliary systems have become obsolete and difficult to maintain. In addition, better versions of these systems have been developed and new systems which further benefit the unit have been designed.

Our engineers can provide and install a range of auxiliary system modifications which are fully engineered for your unit. These include:

  • Pneumatic or Hydraulic Fuel Valve Replacement
  • Ratchet Upgrades
  • Quick Restart Systems
  • Pneumatic System Modifications (PS&G Panels)
  • Inlet Misting
  • Inlet Cooling
  • Starting Means Modifications
  • Atomizing Air Modifications
  • Flow Divider Modifications
  • Compartment Cooling Modifications
  • AC and DC Motor Control Center replacement

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