Emission Abatement Conversions


As the international community transitions into a green economy driven by sustainable engineering practices, concern for environmental optimization is prompting governments throughout the world to require gas turbine users to reduce NOx emissions from their units.

Such environmental requirements vary from country to country and site to site, and the most cost-effective systems can vary according to factors such as the availability of resources and the wide diversity of governmental policies.

Our team has extensive experience in the provision of complete emission abatement systems for gas turbine users including both "wet" and "dry" systems. We work with each customer to analyze their required NOx levels and the cost of each potential NOx reduction approach to identify the most cost-effective system for each individual case. In addition, we can also provide NOx emission calculations for each of the possible cases to assure the compliance of the system before its installation.

Once the optimum solution has been identified, our team can undertake the entire conversion including all required hardware and the software system modifications required on the existing control systems or the provision of new systems as necessary.

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