Fuel Systems Conversions

In today's demanding power generation market, fuel cost and availability have become critical for gas turbine users. As such, the ability to switch fuels has is an important competitive advantage.

Our extensive experience in the provision of complete fuel conversions for gas turbine units allows customers to consider a variety of options, including:

  • Liquid to Gas or Gas to Liquid
  • Single Liquid or Gas Fuel to Dual Fuel on Gas and Liquid
  • Dual Liquid or Dual Gas
  • Conversion to DLN or Dry Low NOx
  • Conversion to HFO or Residual Fuel
  • Conversion to Naphtha
  • Conversion to Non-Standard or Low-BTU Gas

Our team can undertake an entire fuel conversion project in all of these scenarios, including using our gas turbine expertise in making diverse hardware and software system modifications required on the existing control systems.

We also have the capability to deal with non-standard fuels including Naphtha and low-BTU gases and can address combustion system design issues associated with these fuels to ensure the proper operation of your gas turbine.

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We have partnered with the Combined Cycle Journal to provide you with an in-depth look at the possible fuel system conversions and modifications performed by TTS. Learn more about improving your gas turbine operating flexibility in our latest white paper:


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