DynaFlex Performance Services

Controls Solutions for Operational Flexibility and Dynamic Performance

DynaFlex Performance is TTS' platform that provides operators a wide range of products and services that maximizes gas turbine output and efficiency, optimizes DLN combustor dynamics and emissions, and enhances operational flexibility.

Before we propose a DynaFlex solution, we recommend our engineers carefully review your needs, help you establish goals and then tailor a solution that addresses your unit's operating parameters, plant requirements, and business objectives explicitly.

Key Platform Services & Benefits
Maximizing Base Load Output and Efficiency
  • Reduced fuel costs
  • Increases revenue generation
  • No impact on rated parts life
Improve Load Flexibility
  • Increase peak capacity (as much as 2.5% above base load for an F-Class and 5% for e-Class) and efficiency
  • Extend turndown to lower loads (10+% for F-Class)
Fast Start Program Processes
  • Improve plant start-up processes to capture potential new revenue and cost savings
  • Implement upgrades for Purge Credit to save 12-15 minutes in start-up times for combined cycle plants and reduce start-up times to base load to 10 minutes for simple cycle E-Class gas turbines
  • No impact on start-up reliability
DLN-Auto-Tuning for Seasonal and Load Variations
  • Maintain emissions compliance in response to life cycle degradation, ambient variations, and fuel/Wobbe Index fluctuation
  • Reduce Lean blow out (LBO trips)
  • Reduce dynamics, extend parts life
  • Enhanced response timing to changing conditions/demands

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