Emissions Solutions

Pioneer in Aftermarket Dry Low NOX Style Systems

The OEM wants you to believe that they have the only solution for upgrading your turbine and reducing your emissions. Their solution is typically the very latest technology and therefore complicated and expensive. It may also be overkill for your specific requirement. In most cases, there are multiple solutions available to achieve a specific emission reduction requirement. Many of these solutions are simpler, less expensive to install, less expensive to maintain and are more established and proven solutions than the latest OEM offering.

Our customer-focused approach includes a careful review of your needs, help you clarify requirements and then tailor a solution that addresses your unit's operating parameters, plant requirements, and business objectives explicitly.

TTS has 30+ years of experience helping clients achieve emissions compliance.

  • We have provided numerous “wet” NOx emission reduction systems to gas turbine users before the tightening of NOx limits in many markets below 25 ppmvd NOx on gas which is the lower limit of this technology’s capability.
  • We were the first non-OEM to engineer, install and commission a functioning DLN-1 style Dry Emissions Reduction (DER) System 20 years ago in 1999.
  • While part of the Sermatech Power Solutions Group, TTS was the only non-OEM company with a total in-house turnkey DER solution.
  • TTS was also the first non-OEM company to convert 6B and 7EA gas turbines from standard combustion systems to Dry Low NOX systems.

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