OEM Controls Engineering


Your capital investment is a sensitive system that requires precision and accuracy in its maintenance. Our engineers can fully support troubleshooting or maintenance activities on almost every existing control system platform, thus reducing your dependence on expensive OEM support.

From older Westinghouse WDPF systems, all the way to state-of-the-art GE Mark VIe and EX2100 systems, our team has the experience to fully support gas turbine users worldwide, offering peace of mind and effective solutions - no matter what the challenge.

Capabilities include:

  • Evaluation of existing gas turbine, generator, BOP control systems and HMI platforms
  • Troubleshoot operational issues
  • Improve existing control system performance and reliability
  • Optimize unit output and efficiency
  • Perform updates and improvements to existing control system software
  • Improve the amount and quality of information the system provides to operators and engineers
  • Provide additional features to enhance unit operation and maintenance

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