Portable Power

The need for mobile, temporary or distributed power has never been greater.

And, is growing rapidly.

The world demands more power infrastructure in remote areas and the ever-changing political and economic climate is often dictating how the electric power will be delivered. Our engineers can provide an array of generation and electrical distribution offerings to fit every requirement and configuration: Electrical Load, Available Fuel, Frequency, Voltage and Emissions Requirements.

All services are offered as a turnkey basis or as standalone service contracts. Our 30 years of international project experience allows us to deliver a wide range of gas turbine power plant capabilities, bringing with it a full inventory of services to benefit your project.


Electric Motor Fracking

Possible Applications for Mobile Power Include:

  • Emergency Power in Developing Nations
  • Power for Oil Rigs/Mining/Industrial Operations
  • Pad or Section Power
  • Electric Motor Fracking
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery Operations
  • Distributed Generation or Micro-Grids
  • Construction Sites/Bridging Power
  • Special Events
  • Temporary Power During Maintenance of Main Systems
  • Emergency Power for Natural Disasters
  • Electricity for Military Compounds in War Zones
  • Electric Power for Seasonal Peak Demands
  • Grid Stability and Support

Barge Mounted Power Plant


These complete, self-contained power plants can be equipped with almost any type of power generation equipment plant, including:

  • Gas Turbines; Heavy Industrial, Light Industrial, Aeroderivative
  • Simple and Combined Cycle
  • Multiple Fuel Sources

All that is required is a fuel source and HV electrical interconnection.

Light Industrial and Aeroderivative Gas Turbines


These highly mobile, trailer mounted gas turbines are available with various OEM prime movers. The units can be mobilized or demobilized very quickly and require very little infrastructure. The units range in size from less than 1MW to 25MW and can be configured to burn multiple fuels such as pipeline gas, field gas, LPG and various distillate fuel systems. Units are available in both 50/60 Hz with various generator output voltages and can be configured with emissions abatement systems to comply with US, European and World Bank Standards.

Mobile and Portable Micro-Grid Systems


Pad or Section Power

Micro-grids can be portable, semi-permanent or permanent electrical grid. They can be constructed directly at the site or section. Transformers and switchgears are constructed on mobile trailers or containers for versatility and customization.

Transmission cables can be low and medium voltage which can lower the cost of material. Micro-grid transmission cables can be strung in close proximity (up to a mile), depending on amp requirements, and medium voltage can be strung well over a mile. Cabling can be run on cable trays, underground and on poles for versatility and customization depending on site layout.

Contracts and Services

We can offer turnkey solutions for the design, supply, setup, operation and maintenance of your mobile or temporary power needs. These services can be offered à la carte or with a full service, all-inclusive contract.

  • Equipment Outright Purchase or Lease Agreements Available
  • Operations and Maintenance Services and Contracts Available
  • Turnkey Contracts on a Take or Pay Price Per Kilowatt Basis

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