What We Work On

Our work is the presentation of our capabilities.

Over 400 clients in more than 90 countries — we know gas turbines.

Since 1983, TTS has provided the power generation industry with quality, cost-effective alternatives to all of the major OEMs, from General Electric to Westinghouse. We have an excellent reputation with over four hundred clients because of our integrity and turbine engineering expertise. We offer innovative control solutions, modernization and upgrade services to the mature gas turbine market.

TTS has always been a yardstick for quality in our industry. Because of that standard, TTS is in the process of obtaining ISO 9000 certification. The reason is clear, we want to ensure our clients that we are paying attention to quality and have the systems and processes in place to deliver quality. Total Quality Management through ISO 9000 will help TTS effectively document the elements we need to maintain an efficient quality system.

OEM / gas turbine brand capabilities include, but are not limited to:

General Electric
GE Aero
Nuovo Pignone

Pratt & Whitney

Innovation and technology applications are the foundation of our strength.

We are proud to be the first company in the industry to:


In addition, we provide a complete array of services to the industry, from state-of-the-art control components, combustion and dynamic tuning to performance testing on the latest "F" technology equipment.

We continue to expand our industry leadership through an enhanced set of products and services, along with a brand new corporate image to reflect our outlook for success in the second decade of the millennium and beyond.

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