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GE Aero
Nuovo Pignone

GE is a prominent leader in the manufacturing of gas, steam and aeroderivative turbines used for power generation all around the world. Our engineers have extensive field engineering experience and knowledge of GE gas turbines and their diverse frame designations from Frame 3 through Frame 9.

Our capabilities include:

Turbines & Models
MS 3002 (All Models)
MS 5001/2 (All Models)
MS 6001A/B, B, DLN, FA
MS 7001B, C,E, EA DLN, F, FA, FB
MS 9001B, E, E DLN, F, FA
GE Aero
LM 2500
LM 5000
LM 6000
Nuovo Pignone
MS 5001
All Models

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